The 10 Least Safe Cars of All Time

While history is blended with vehicles of all sorts, the sad truth is that not every vehicle released is going to stand the test of time. In fact, for some, they don’t even stand the test of a year or two before being recalled due to some malfunction or flaw that has the potential to take lives. Throughout history, there have been a few automobile drop-outs in the performance department, leaving many people in not such a safe vehicle as they may have thought at the time of purchase, often getting that infamous recall letter or notification alerting them to turn the vehicle in for a more suitable alternative that will ensure the vehicle complies with all safety standards and prevents harm rather than inflicts it. The 10 least safe cars of all time have earned themselves a reputation for putting lives in danger and having to be taken off the road permanently to prevent harm.

  1. Ford Pinto. In production from 1971-1980, the Pinto became known as the one vehicle that didn’t discriminate when it came to exploding in accidents, often requiring only a low speed and moderate impact. Thanks to a design flaw that placed the gas tank in the optimal place for blowing up in the event of a simple fender bender, the Pinto quickly became known more as a murderer of mass proportion than a dependable family vehicle.

  2. Briggs & Stratton Flyer. Also known as the Smith Flyer, this vehicle was in production between 1915 and 1925, and became known in the World Book of Records as the least expensive vehicle of all time, but also was one of the least safe of all time. The small car was void of doors, windshield, or any type of impact protection of any kind, sort of remaining as a type of sled with wheels and a steering wheel reaching 2Hp.

  3. Peel Trident. Sold in 1966, the vehicle was an extremely small 2-seater that amazed those who actually saw two people seated in the vehicle. The vehicle was known for a style that was more like a backwards big wheel, which really didn’t provide any sort of safe measures for drivers or passengers in the event of an accident.

  4. 1960-1963 Chevrolet Corvair. These models of the Corvair sort of demolished the name a bit during this time, and really disappointed Chevy fans, with an engine in the back that allowed toxic fumes to escape into the vehicle, and a steering wheel that would fatally impale drivers in the event of impact. The vehicle also had some technical issues that created unsafe conditions for drivers and required that the tires had to have a higher air pressure than what is safe.

  5. 1974-1976 Bricklin SV-1. Okay, so the vehicle was a heartthrob to those who like the upraising doors and sleek body style, but when it was driven, it showed its true insignificant self. The vehicle’s body was created from bonded acrylic and fiberglass that wasn’t designed to handle heat of the engine and the doors were so heavy it became a threat to fingers everywhere. The irony came from the name meaning Safety Car 1.

  6. 1985 Yugo GV. Now when you are thinking of an unsafe car, this one really takes the cake. Besides a reputation of being blown off a bridge from a single gust of wind, the vehicle couldn’t last past 50,000 miles as a belt issue disrupted engine use, and the parts would simply rattle themselves off and apart, leaving people with a cheap by product that once was a car.

  7. 2009 Smart Fortwo. Sometimes the smartest isn’t always the safest, and this sure proves it. This vehicle is great for those eco-friendly drivers that want the smallest car in the world and love to be pointed at, as well as those who would love to go airborne at a 40mph impact, yes, that low. So maybe the geeks rule the world, but this geeky car just can’t stand up to the rest.

  8. 1984-1988 Ford Mustang. This is the case of driver danger in a vehicle with optimal conditions for the best accident of your life, which likely isn’t going to lead to very much else as you likely won’t survive. These vehicles ranked second to the Corvette in deaths to occupants, mainly because the testosterone driven vehicle has always claimed the need for speed from drivers, thus, a lot of deaths.

  9. Chevrolet Corvette, 84-88. This is another vehicle that got a nasty reputation for claiming lives more because the drivers that chose the vehicle. Those seeking speed and a good race found themselves at the mercy of this model Corvette, which claimed more lives than any other vehicle in history.

  10. 2009 Kia Rio. Unfortunately, the new millennium isn’t showing much in growth of protection in vehicles, with the Kia Rio proving to be extremely dangerous to those who aren’t hit from the front, maintaining a high rate of ICU patients for those hit from behind.

Design flaws, poor crafted vehicles, and just ignorant drivers that take their vehicles a little too seriously, all have caused lost lives and have gained reputations for poorly protected and highly dangerous vehicles. Even if they weren’t removed from the road, drivers everywhere have been cautioned.

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